Esposito Securities

Esposito Securities provides institutional products and trading services for a growing list of discerning clients, including registered investment advisors, hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, closed end funds, private equity firms, and unit investment trusts with trillions of dollars in assets.

With access to over 100 international markets, Esposito maintains a global outreach. With our commitment to personal service, our clients feel right at home.

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Esposito Private Equity

Esposito Private Equity assists in growing your business with the aid of our knowledge and capital. We seek to invest in strong, established businesses with high potential for growth, and with owners and management firmly in place.

We are pleased to be considered a potential capital partner, and will make every effort to communicate our interest level within a 48 hour time frame.

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Esposito Foundation

Recognizing the many blessings he has received throughout his life, Mark Esposito promised that if he were ever to become successful, he would give back and try to help others in need. The sustained success of Esposito Global has allowed Mark to realize this promise through the Esposito Foundation, which he created in 2006, with a mission to provide charitable contributions to non-profit organizations that serve the poor and promote good will to man.

The Esposito Foundation considers lesser-known and underfunded charities that have a faith- based initiative. Charities targeting education, the underprivileged, missions, entrepreneurship, and children are closest to our hearts. Our due diligence on charities receiving gifts ensures that our donations are primarily going directly to those in need.

Charities with an established track record are invited to send requests to the Esposito Foundation. Each request will receive the prayerful consideration of an experienced advisory board. Our goal is to distribute funds annually, to different charities with either a local or a global focus.

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Esposito Partners

Esposito Partners has assembled a quality team of seasoned investment professionals to meet the distinct demands of asset management. Our clients call upon Esposito to bring a superior advisory product to market while maintaining a value added cost structure.

We take pride in our premier, client-directed, asset management solutions. Our proprietary technology, which prioritizes the personal goals of each client, sets a new benchmark in the investment community. While we encourage others in the industry to follow our lead, we invite you to take advantage of Esposito’s unique, cutting-edge services.

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